Answering Objections: I will only pay my communal fees when the committee do XYZ!

It’s a common objection, a single unit owner is unhappy with the way things are done, or how maintenance issues are prioritised. So they effectively hold their payment as ransom until what they want gets done.

How to deal with these objections?

The committee are elected as representatives of the unit owners, the reason for this election is so that they can make the necessary day-day decisions without going to an owner discussion and vote which would bring the operations of the complex to grinding halt.

You as the committee have every right to do things in the way you feel is best (within the requirements of the regulations of course). If an individual owner does not agree with this the regulations does not give them any framework to withhold fees until they get their way. Non-payment should be treated like any other non-payment and pursued with the same effort.

This all being said, prevention is far easier in these circumstances than cure.

So the easiest way to help arm yourself against these types of objections is to keep owners informed and involved. In addition to major voting items being taken at the AGM, you can poll owners regularly to get their opinion and preference on smaller items. For example if the committee are deciding on whether it’s best to repaint the corridor, or plant a new garden, send this out by email as an informal vote to owners and use these responses to guide your decision. This way when the objection is made you can point to the fact the majority agreed with that decision and everything is performed democratically.

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