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Petition: Swimming Pool Regulations Reform in Cyprus
​Calling for a fair and reasonable review of the Swimming Pool Regulations for Apartment Complexes and ResortsThe current regulations governing[...]
The importance of Committee Member Liability Insurance
​ARTICLE: ​Importance of Committee ​ Liability Insurance.If you are a member on a building’s management committee this article about the[...]
Apartment Building Communal Insurance Explained
​ARTICLE: ​​Apartment Building Communal Insurance Explained.It is a legal requirement for the Apartment Building Management Committee to organise a suitable[...]
​PRESS RELEASE​This SERIOUS problem is delaying the recovery of Cyprus real estate market.​And nobody is talking about it​When talking about[...]
Announcing the Launch of ‘The Ultimate Committee Handbook’
​​Announcing the Launch of ​The Ultimate Committee HandbookIf you are a subscriber to my free information portal www.CyprusCommunalGuide.com or have[...]
2017 CCG Review
​ARTICLE: Self vs Professional Building Management ​for your Apartment Building or Resort. ​This is one of the most important decisions[...]
Self vs Professional Apartment Building Management
​ARTICLE: Self vs Professional Building Management ​for your Apartment Building or Resort.​This is one of the most important decisions a[...]
Professional AGM Services
​What is a Professional AGM (Annual General Meeting) Service​.If you have looked up the requirements to hold a legal AGM[...]
Pre-Winter Maintenance Inspections
Pre-Winter Roof Inspections The summer is starting to come to an end, and while we are very fortunate for the[...]
Calculating Communal Fees
​There are three common ways a committee will calculate each unit’s Communal Fees: But only one way is the legally[...]
Unauthorised Apartment Alterations
What to do about Unauthorised Alterations to an Apartment?So, your neighbor has made a change to the exterior of their[...]
What is Communal Property
​In this article, it’s my aim to clearly lay out what is, and is not part of the communal ownership,[...]
Answering Objections: I will only pay my communal fees when the committee do XYZ
Answering Objections: I will only pay my communal fees when the committee do XYZ!It’s a common objection, a single unit[...]
Answering Objections: My friends communal charge is half mine! Ours must be too high!
Answering Objections: My friend said his communal fees are half what I pay, I must be paying too much!​This is[...]
Answering Objections: Other owners don’t pay so why should I?
Answering Objections: Other owners don’t pay their communal maintenance charges and get away with it, so why should I pay[...]
Answering Objections: I don’t use the Apartment, Pool, Lift etc. So why should I pay?
While there are many benefits to owning a property in a communal building, development or resort, there are also additional[...]
Records that should be kept
In this article I discuss what type of records you should be keeping and why. While it may seem common[...]
Communal Maintenance vs Site Improvement
Communal Maintenance vs Site Improvement If you missed it in last month’s article I discussed the benefits of selecting the[...]
AGM Location
Selecting the AGM Location In this article I will discuss how to get more owner involvement by increasing attendance at[...]
The Contingency Fund Debate
The Contingency Fund Debate Let’s face facts; with added economic pressures on unit owners, it’s harder for committees to get[...]
4 Steps to Increasing Communal Fee Income
This article is how to increase payments into the communal fund; dealing with hardened debtors will be covered in a[...]
The Owners Committee
What is a Committee? The committee is a group of individuals who act as the elected representatives of the property[...]

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