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​This is a list of previously published Videos and Quick Tips.  For an archive of communal management written articles Click Here.

VIDEO: Is it OK to ban non-paying owners from parts of your building?
​Video Transcript: Is it OK to ban non-paying owners from parts of your apartment building?The struggle is real if you[...]
VIDEO: 4 ways to increase income into your communal fund
​Video Transcript: 4 ways you can increase income into your communal fund.If you own an apartment in Cyprus it's highly[...]
VIDEO: Why I Created the Cyprus Communal Guide?
​Video Transcript: Why I created the Cyprus Communal GuideIf you own an apartment in Cyprus it's likely that you've seen[...]
VIDEO: What is a committee?
​Video Transcript: What is an owners committee.​If you own an apartment in Cyprus you may have heard of an owner's[...]
VIDEO: How to Increase AGM attendance
​Video Transcript: Increase your AGM's AttendanceIf you are on the committee of your apartment building or communal resort you all[...]

Quick Tip Videos

VIDEO: Quick Tip #8 Committee Liability Insurance
​​Committee Liability Insurance - Quick Tip ​​​8​Did you know you can now get insurance policies with dedicated insurance for the[...]
VIDEO: Quick Tip #7 Bad Weather Inspections
​Bad Weather Inspections - Quick Tip ​​7​After any ​bouts of bad whether get ​your apartment buildings roof​​ and any balconies[...]
VIDEO: Quick Tip #6 Lift Inspections
​​Lift Inspections - Quick Tip ​5​If you haven't already organised it, it's essential that you get your lifts inspected and[...]
VIDEO: Quick Tip #5 Making big Property Maintenance decisions
​Making Big Decisions on Property Maintenance - Quick Tip ​5when planning a major maintenance item while the committee have the[...]
VIDEO: Quick Tip #4 Importance of a AGM Agenda
The Importance of an AGM Agenda, Apartment Building Quick Tip 4When organising the AGM always create an Agenda. Use action[...]

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