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The Cyprus Communal Property (Apartments and Communal Resorts)
Official Rules and Regulations.

  • Become a More Effective Committee
  • Learn the Rights and Responsibilities of the Committee
  • Learn the Rights and Responsibilities of the Owners

What is it?

If you own an apartment, or a property on a resort with shared facilities, the shared facilities (Carpark, Corridors, Lifts, Roof, Pool etc.) are owned by every unit owner.

There is a law which covers in great detail how these areas should be maintained and controlled.  This is known as the Communal Property Regulations (AKA:Immovable Property Act 1993 Section 38).

It is a legal requirement to maintain the building as set out in these regulations.

We have manually transcribed an English version of the Cyprus Communal Property Regulations and published this as a High Resolution PDF document which is fully indexed and searchable. 

You can view this on any Computer, Tablet, mobile device or print and keep in your development records forever...

eBook Purchase Licence is for non-commercial use only. For commercial licence options please contact us before purchase.

This transcription is protected by Copyright © 2016 – Russell Flick & GMCY Complete Property Management Ltd. All rights reserved. By downloading this file you agree to its terms of use which can be viewed in full by following the below link.

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