Communal 1-1 Consultation Service


While there are lots of articles on the and advice on the roles & responsibilities of the building management committee and unit owners in general, sometimes you just need to speak to someone about your specific questions or concerns and get some tailored focused advice and support.

This is a 1-1 Live Video Consultation with the award winning communal property expert Russell Flick.


  • How to organise the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Who can vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • How to elect the Committee
  • Powers of the Committee
  • Duties of the Committee
  • How to calculate the Communal Charges
  • Rights to Pursue Non-Payers
  • Building Insurance requirements
  • How to create Custom Regulations
  • Alterations to the Building & Apartments

And More……

Added Bonus – Claim back this expense

The members of the management committee can either purchase directly from the communal fund, or from their personal funds and be re-imbursed for reasonable out of pocket expenses in performing their duties.

A copy of the regulations to ensure the management committee know all the requirements and rules can be considered as an essential document to correctly perform their duties. This is subject to building management committee approval of course.

About Russell Flick

Russell Flick, is an International property professional, communal property expert, public speaker and non-fiction writer.

With an education background in the tourism industry and extensive professional experience in the property industry he has become a well-known and respected property ownership and communal management expert.

Russell has been managing apartment buildings and resorts for most of his professional life, running one of the largest specialist communal management companies in Cyprus supervising the management of over 250 million euros of property in Cyprus.

Having a wealth of knowledge and a passion for helping property owners struggling to overcome the challenges of apartment ownership, Russell is a columnist for a number of Cyprus publications and the founder of the free online advice portal   Additionally, Russell regularly speaks at seminars and conferences on the rights of property owners and how to improve the status and condition of their buildings, and consults with industry leaders & NGO’s on ways to improve regulations and provide support for property owners.

Russell has a strong belief it is everyone’s responsibility to look at what they can give back to their community.  One of the major problems that is commonly overlooked in Cyprus is the problem with poorly maintained buildings, unit owners who don’t pay their communal fees & owners who are not aware of their rights and obligations when owning an apartment or property on a communal resort.  By giving back, providing support and advice for property owners, educating them on their rights and how to properly manage an apartment building this will help bring back the focus on how Cyprus is one of the best locations in the world to live, work and invest.

This attitude of giving back follows through from his professional to personal life and Russell has a strong connection to the community, is a proud member of the Freemasons and an active volunteer in several non-profit organizations and charitable committees.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

As with all services and products provided on it is covered by a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.


While Russell Flick provide support, assistance and expert advice on communal property ownership and management based on his extensive experience in managing communal property, he is not a legal advisor and cannot provide any legal service, advice or support.

This service is not intended as a substitute for professional legal, tax or accounting advice. If the reader feels they are in need of such advice they should consult a professional legal, accounting or tax adviser.

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