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This is the ultimate guide to steer you through the minefield of the regulations and requirements of managing communal property in Cyprus.

Maybe you’re a battle-hardened committee member looking to check your building is operating within the regulations, increase your committee’s efficiency and overcome a few specific problems, or you’re a communal newbie looking to setup a committee from scratch, this is an Essential resource for you.

I separate fact from fiction, unravel the regulations into easy to follow step by step procedures and show you how to minimise your stress and workload in running your apartment building or communal resort.

This book is an essential resource whether you are a communal apprentice and need to read this book from cover to cover, or you’re already a committee wizard and just want the reassuring safety net of resource to grab in a time of crisis.

In this book, I cover all aspects of managing your building from A-Z Including;

  • How to organise your Annual General Meeting
  • How to setup and run a management committee
  • How to calculate quorum, communal fees and more.
  • How to balance your budget and keep you in the black
  • How to deal with problem residents/guests
  • And much, much more………

Plus get easy to use downloadable templates to help you in your day to day operations.

Note: The Ultimate Committee Handbook is not available eBook or PDF, this is a physical 250 page book which will be sent by express next working day courier (for orders placed before 12:00) .

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