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VIDEO: Quick Tip #8 Committee Liability Insurance

Committee Liability Insurance Quicktip

​​Committee Liability Insurance - Quick Tip ​​​8

​Did you know you can now get insurance policies with dedicated insurance for the committee liability. I originally consulted with the insurance agents on this when it was first designed but not all insurance providers offer this as it is a new product. 

If yours doesn't just send me a quick message and I can put you in touch with one of the providers that do.

VIDEO: Quick Tip #7 Bad Weather Inspections

Bad Weather Inspections QuickTip

​Bad Weather Inspections - Quick Tip ​​7

​After any ​bouts of bad whether get ​your apartment buildings roof​​ and any balconies that you have access to inspected for signs of potential flooding.  Debris and dirt can easily clog drains causing significant property damage. If your drains frequently blocks consider upgrading them or fitting debris covers

VIDEO: Quick Tip #6 Lift Inspections

Lift Inspections Quick Tip

​​Lift Inspections - Quick Tip ​5

​If you haven't already organised it, it's essential that you get your lifts inspected and improved in accordance with the new regulations.

Lifts that haven't been inspected by now are in breach of these regulations and compose a risk to the users and also add potential significant legal liability to the committee.

VIDEO: Quick Tip #5 Making big Property Maintenance decisions

Dealing with major maintenance issues

​Making Big Decisions on Property Maintenance - Quick Tip ​5

when planning a major maintenance item while the committee have the right to organize this without getting the owner's approval it's always best to at a minimum survey the owners and confirm a majority agree with the works.

Record this survey and the development records and use this as part of the decision-making a process.

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VIDEO: Quick Tip #4 Importance of a AGM Agenda

The Importance of an AGM Agenda, Apartment Building Quick Tip 4

When organising the AGM always create an Agenda.

Use action points not discussion points. For Example: on the Agenda use: Vote to plant new trees by the pool, NOT : DISCUSS planting new trees by the pool.

Otherwise all you get is discussion and no action.