Taking Control of Your Building or Resort

ARTICLE: ​Taking Control of Your Building or Resort by ​Electing a Management Committee

​As a property owner you will most likely want to have a say in how your building is run. But it’s rarely possible for the entire body of owners to be constantly involved in the day to day decision making without it becoming a bureaucratic nightmare.  Because of this one of the most important steps of taking control of your apartment building or resort is by Electing a Management Committee.


​The property laws are designed to require a meeting once a year so you can receive presentations, reports, voice your opinion and most importantly elect 1-5 individuals to become the management committee and make the decisions for the next year and take control of your building or resort.  

Vote wisely as once elected your committee will have the ultimate authority to make decisions on the management and operation of your building/resort, providing of course these are within the legal requirements of the communal property law and any custom regulations duly created and submitted to the land registry.

What if owners are unhappy with the committee.

​It is unfortunately common for owners who are unhappy with the way their building is being operated to withhold their share of communal expenses as a protest.  However, withholding communal fees for this purpose is not only illegal but it can result in significant additional costs and once the new legislation has passed it can also result in a potential criminal prosecution.

If a unit owner is unhappy with the committee, they have a legal right to voice their objections in a reasonable way at the next Annual General Meeting (AGM), if the majority of owners are in agreement they can vote for a different committee.

If it cannot wait until the next scheduled AGM, in extreme circumstances owners can follow measures to call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)​, If you need more information about calling an EGM visit my website or read the relevant section in my book The Ultimate Committee Handbook. 

​Its important to know that every unit owner does not automatically ha​ve the right to vote at a General Meeting.  One of the consequences of a unit owner not paying their communal charges is the loss of that owners rights to vote on any items at a general meeting including taking part in the process of Electing a Management Committee for the next year.   

The particular rule preventing non paying owners from voting at a general meeting is detailed below.

​"Except where a unanimous decision is required by or under this Law, no owner is entitled to vote at any General Meeting, unless all payable contributions in relation to his unit have been paid.” Extract from the Regulations (Immovable Property Act, Section 38T Part V(31).

How do you fix a problem with your buildings operation or the management committee.

Simply, the best way to fix a problem with your building, is to work within the system.  

Ensure that all your payments are made so that you have voting rights at the next general meeting, voice your opinion in a reasonable way and then when the topic of Electing a Management Committee comes up put your name forward for election so you can be part of the solution.

There are three common ways a committee will calculate each unit’s Communal Fees: But only one way is the legally accepted way.

​Looking for ​more?

​If you are a member of your management committee, (or are looking to set one up) you will know that while the communal property regulations are comprehensive, they are sometimes a little difficult to understand and even once understood its not always easy to apply these generic regulations to your individual building with its specific challenges.  

To help with this problem​ my most recent book the Ultimate Committee handbook ​gives you detailed and step by step instructions on every aspect of being on your committee and running your building.  It explains the communal property ​law in simple terms including real world examples and instructions ​on how to best apply these regulations.

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