Online Reviews for your building

​​The Importance of Online Reviews for your building and 3 Ways to increase your apartment buildings ratings on TripAdvisor.

One of the biggest game changers in the holiday industry (and many other industries) is the power of online reviews on sites like TripAdvisor.  

While at first, you may think that the online reviews on the individual properties are not a concern of your apartment building management committee.  After all, short-term rentals are the owner’s responsibility, but these reviews have a direct effect on ALL unit owners.

TripAdvisor reviews will appear any time a prospective tenant, holiday guest or prospective purchaser Googles your building as part of their research.

Positive reviews will affect the property value of all units in the building, as anyone looking to purchase a property will most likely consider it a better investment if they know the building will be more attractive to potential guests/tenants.  Likewise, if a building has a very poor rating, it will put off potential buyers concerned over issues with the building.

Additionally unit owners who are generating more income from their properties will likely have a positive effect on communal fee payment rates and potentially allow for funding of additional site improvements.

​3 ways to improve your buildings TripAdvisor rating

1) Take control of your Branding
Have a look to see if your building is already listed on TripAdvisor and if it is, follow the instructions for your committee to ‘claim the listing’. If your building does not already have its own Trip Advisor listing your committee should create one so you can reply to reviews and update the site information/photos etc.

Surveys say that 65% of guests say they are more likely to book a property that responds to reviews. So, when someone posts a review, make sure to post a manager response thanking them. If there were any issues in their review address these positively and whatever you do don’t argue or dismiss their opinions as this looks terrible to prospective guests. TripAdvisor advises that 85% of its users say a good management response to a poor review improves their impression of a property.  

2) Control First Impressions
No building is perfect, and your building is not a hotel and does not have the budget or staffing to keep it spotless 24 hours a day, but what you may think are small problems are amplified in the mind of a tired guest who is arriving on site after a long stressful days travelling.

So, make sure your building or resort is easily identifiable, clean, the areas are well lit and there are clear signs showing how to find their apartments.  Basically, try to make the arrival process as easy as possible.

3) Provide support to unit owners & their guests

In addition to the committee respecting the power of TripAdvisor, it’s also important to make sure that owners know of this to create a short guide with tips to unit owners on how to increase guest satisfaction and collect reviews.  Plus create a flyer to put on noticeboards and in each apartment detailing the building, rules, local attractions, and emergency contact information.

There are three common ways a committee will calculate each unit’s Communal Fees: But only one way is the legally accepted way.

​Looking for ​more?

​If you are a member of your management committee, (or are looking to set one up) you will know that while the communal property regulations are comprehensive, they are sometimes a little difficult to understand and even once understood its not always easy to apply these generic regulations to your individual building with its specific challenges.  

To help with this problem​ my most recent book the Ultimate Committee handbook ​gives you detailed and step by step instructions on every aspect of being on your committee and running your building.  It explains the communal property ​law in simple terms including real world examples and instructions ​on how to best apply these regulations.

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