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We were not in possession of full knowledge of the regulations due to being forced to form a temporary committee after we were dumped by the builders.Everything in plain English and it was interesting to read how to deal with the problem, this book will back us up when some owners keep telling us we are not doing things correctly.

Lesley Hey

We are now at the stage when we feel that our amateur approach could be leaving us at personnel financial risk if we are not fully compliant with the law we only need one difficult person to cause problems and if we ended up in court we suspect we would loose on a technicality.If you are unsure of the Cypriot Law regarding running a management committee then this book will be very helpful.

Charles Streeting - The Views at Pyla

This is the Ultimate Guide to steer you through the minefield of complex regulations and requirements of managing your apartment building or resort in Cyprus

Maybe you’re a battle-hardened committee member looking to check your building is operating within the regulations, increase your committee’s efficiency and overcome a few specific problems,

Or you’re a communal newbie looking to setup a committee from scratch, this is an Essential resource for you.

In this handbook I unravel the regulations into easy to follow step by step instructions.  I will show you how to increase efficiency, decrease your workload, improve the community spirit of your building and get recognition ​for the hard work you do to keep things running.

I separate fact from fiction and show you how to minimise your stress and workload in running your apartment building or communal resort.

This book is there for you whether you are a communal apprentice and need to read this book from cover to cover, or you’re already a committee wizard and just want the reassuring safety net of resource to grab in a time of crisis. 

In this book, I cover all aspects of managing your building from A-Z Including;

  • The role, and responsibilities of the Management Committee
  • How to organise your Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • How to elect the committee
  • How to calculate quorum & voting rights
  • How to balance your budget and keep you in the black
  • How to allocate your communal charges to unit owners
  • How to deal with problem residents/guests
  • And much, much more………

Plus get easy to use downloadable templates to help you in your day to day operations.

Cyprus Edition: All procedures, tips and advice is based on the specific requirements for apartment buildings and communal resorts in the Republic of Cyprus.  ​

Inside the ​Book - Preview

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​About the Author

Russell Flick, is an International property professional, award winning communal property expert, public speaker and ​author.

Russell has been managing apartment buildings and resorts for most of his professional life, running one of the largest specialist communal management companies in Cyprus supervising the management of over 250 million euros of property.

Having a wealth of knowledge and a passion for helping property owners struggling to overcome the challenges of apartment ownership, Russell is a columnist for a number of Cyprus publications, the founder of the free online advice portal and consults with industry leaders & NGO’s on ways to improve regulations and provide support for property owners. Additionally, Russell regularly speaks at seminars and conferences on the rights of property owners and how to improve the status and condition of their buildings.

Russell has a strong belief it is everyone’s responsibility to look at what they can give back to their community.  By giving back, providing support and advice for property owners, educating them on their rights and how to properly manage an apartment building this will help bring back the focus on how Cyprus is one of the best locations in the world to live, work and invest. 

​This attitude of giving back follows through from his professional to personal life and Russell has a strong connection to the community, is a proud member of the Freemasons and an active volunteer in several non-profit organizations and charitable committees.

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