​Video Transcript: Increase your AGM's Attendance

If you are on the committee of your apartment building or communal resort you all know the complete pain of trying to get your fellow property owners to attend the annual general meeting low owner participation makes them disconnected from their properties and

they don't understand the challenges that you as a committee have to face or the aspects of the management and maintenance of your building.

My name's Russell flick and I've been professionally managing communal property in Cyprus for over 10 years. I'm the founder of the CyprusCommunalGuide.com in this short video I'll go through for easy ways you can increase the attendance at your annual general meeting.

The first step is to make it interesting don't just present facts and figures and spreadsheets pull out the key facts and information that owners need to know make sure you include the challenges that you've had to overcome over the last 12 months and the wins, the collections you've managed to make, the improvements to the building along with the challenges that you face for the next year.

The second step is to hold it in a location that's convenient for the majority of the owners at the moment in time as you can see by the delightful weather I’m in the UK and one of the reasons I’m in the UK is because I’m attending one of our client’s annual general meetings which makes sense for that building because eighty percent of the owners live in the UK. It makes far more sense to hold the meeting where eighty percent of the owners are.  This is one of the easiest ways that you can increase attendance at your meeting

The third step is to use technology to your advantage, there are many solutions available online which enable you to be able to broadcast your annual general meeting live to participants. No matter where they are in the world they can participate in your meeting and be there, even if they're not able to attend in person.  Many of these solutions are free and many of them also come with recording facilities so you're able to distribute a recording of your Annual General Meeting to owners that are not able to attend either in person or online.

The final step is probably the most fun and that's to hold an event after the Annual General Meeting. Make it an annual event for owners to attend and socialise with each other and build that community spirit within your building.

Russell Flick

Experienced Property Professional, Public Speaker & Author of 'The Ultimate Committee Handbook'. In addition to his published books, Russell is a public speaker, columnist and founder of www.CyprusCommunalGuide.com, the online information portal for property owners to get support and advice on all aspects of communal property ownership and management.